Deals Zone – Why Deals Zone Best Groupon Clone?

Deals Zone is the best groupon clone because of many reasons. The main being extensive reserch put in by our development team to bring forward the best features needed to make your business a success from the start. The examples being:

  • Category based deals – This feature lets you run deals based on categories like Restaurants, Hotels and so on, so any business who wants to publish a deal can do so on your website.
  • City based deals – This feature lets you run city specific deals, which helps the businesses who are promoting to a particular city target the audience they want and get best business done.
  • Time based deals – This feature lets you run deals for a specific time, which allows users to compete in the deal and get it first when thet want.
  • Multiple payment gateways – We have included support for multiple payment gateways viz. Paypal, Linkpoint, Authorize, Google Checkout which makes it easier for anyone with a credit card, debit card or a paypal account make purchase on your website.
  • Facebook Integration – This feature allows users to login to your website using their facebook login and also allows users to interact with their friends about a deal on facebook, thus making it easier for you to promote your website.
  • Gifts Module – Not only can a user buy a deal for themselves they can also buy deals for their friends and gift it to them, making your website a better experience and may even a best way to generate more revenues.
  • API – Extensive api’s lets any use the website to make widgets and thereby promoting the website the best they can and generate revenue for you as well.

There are multiple more features which will make it easier for you to start generating the revenue from your website, we are always eager to get input from our customers on what more you want to see in the product, please feel free to contact us at:

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